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Vehicular Emissions Inventories

add_polidAdd polygon id to lines road network
adtAverage daily traffic (ADT) from hourly traffic data.
ageApplies a survival rate to numeric new vehicles
age_hdvReturns amount of vehicles at each age
age_ldvReturns amount of vehicles at each age
age_motoReturns amount of vehicles at each age
celsiusConstruction function for Celsius temperature
cold_mileageFraction of mileage driven with a cold engine or catalizer...
ef_cetesbEmissions factors for Environment Company of Sao Paulo,...
ef_chinaEmissions factors from Chinese emissions guidelines
ef_evapEvaporative emission factor
ef_funExperimental: Returns a function of Emission Factor by age of...
ef_hdv_scaledScaling constant with speed emission factors of Heavy Duty...
ef_hdv_speedEmissions factors for Heavy Duty Vehicles based on average...
ef_imEmission factors deoending on accumulated mileage
ef_iveBase emissions factors from International Vehicle Emissions...
ef_ldv_coldCold-Start Emissions factors for Light Duty Vehicles
ef_ldv_cold_listList of cold start emission factors of Light Duty Vehicles
ef_ldv_scaledScaling constant with speed emission factors of Light Duty...
ef_ldv_speedEmissions factors for Light Duty Vehicles and Motorcycles
ef_nitroEmissions factors of N2O and NH3
ef_wearEmissions factors from tyre, break and road surface wear
ef_wheEmission factor that incorporates the effect of high emitters
emisEstimation of emissions
emis_chemAggregate emissions by lumped groups in chemical mechanism
emis_coldEstimation of cold start emissions hourly for the of the week
emis_cold_tdEstimation of cold start emissions with top-down approach
emis_detDetermine deterioration factors for urban conditions
emis_distAllocate emissions into spatial objects (street emis to grid)
emis_evapEstimation of evaporative emissions
emis_evap2Estimation of evaporative emissions 2
emis_gridAllocate emissions into a grid
emis_hot_tdEstimation of hot exhaust emissions with top-down approach
emis_mergeMerge several emissions files returning data-frames or 'sf'...
emis_orderRe-order the emission to match specific hours and days
emis_pavedEstimation of resuspension emissions from paved roads
emis_postPost emissions
EmissionFactorsConstruction function for class "EmissionFactors"
EmissionFactorsListConstruction function for class "EmissionFactorsList"
EmissionsConstruction function for class "Emissions"
EmissionsArrayConstruction function for class "EmissionsArray"
emis_sourceA function to source vein scripts
emis_to_streetsEmis to streets distribute top-down emissions into streets
emis_wearEmission estimation from tyre, break and road surface wear
emis_wrf-deprecatedGenerates emissions dataframe to generate WRF-Chem inputs
fe2015Emission factors from Environmental Agency of Sao Paulo...
fkmList of functions of mileage in km fro Brazilian fleet
fuel_corrCorrection due Fuel effects
GriddedEmissionsArrayConstruction function for class "GriddedEmissionsArray"
grid_emisAllocate emissions gridded emissions into streets (grid to...
invcopHelper function to copy and zip projects
inventoryInventory function.
long_to_wideTransform data.frame from long to wide format
make_gridCreates rectangular grid for emission allocation
matvectMatrix and vector multiplication
my_ageReturns amount of vehicles at each age
netRoad network of the west part of Sao Paulo city
netspeedCalculate speeds of traffic network
pc_coldProfile of Vehicle start patterns
pc_profileProfile of traffic data 24 hours 7 n days of the week
pollutantsData.frame with pollutants names and molar mass used in VEIN
profilesProfile of traffic data 24 hours 7 n days of the week
remove_unitsRemove units
running_losses-deprecatedEstimation of average daily hot-soak evaporative emissions
speciateSpeciation of emissions
SpeedConstruction function for class "Speed"
split_emisSplit street emissions based on a grid
temp_factExpansion of hourly traffic data
to_latexcreates a .tex a table from a data.frame
VehiclesConstruction function for class "Vehicles"
vein-deprecatedDEPRECATED Construction function for class "EmissionsList"
vein_notesvein_notes for writting technical notes about the inventory
vein-packagevein: Vehicular Emissions Inventories
vkmEstimation of VKM
wide_to_longTransform data.frame from wide to long format
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