Man pages for ices-tools-prod/icesSAG
Stock Assessment Graphs Database Web Services

findAssessmentKeydocsFind a Key
getFishStockReferencePointsGet Reference Points
getGraphsGet a Graph of Stock Assessment Output
getLatestStockAdviceListGet List of Most Recent Advice
getListStocksGet a List of Fish Stocks
getSAGGet Any SAG Data
getSAGGraphsGet Summary Graphs of Stock Assessment Output
getSAGSettingsGet Details on SAG Charts and Settings
getsetStockSettingsGet and Set SAG Chart Settings
getStockDownloadDataGet Source Data
getStockStatusValuesGet the Values in a Stock Status Table
getSummaryTableGet a Summary Table of Historical Stock Size
getTokenExpirationGet the expiration time of a Standard Graphs token.
getYSBRSummaryTableGet a Summary Table of Yield and Spawning Biomass Per Recruit
icesSAG-packageStock Assessment Graphs Database Web Services
readCreateSAGxmlCreate and read the SAG XML data transfer file
stockFishdataCreate a data.frame of fish stock data
stockInfoCreate a list of fish stock information
uploadStockUpload New or Updated Fish Stock Assessment Results
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