Man pages for idc9/r_jive
Angle Based Joint and Individual Variation Explained

ajiveajive: Angle based Joint and Individual Variation Explained.
data_blocks_heatmapHeatmaps of several data blocks.
data_heatmapHeatmap of a single data matrix.
decomposition_heatmapsHeatmaps of JIVE decomposition of several blocks.
get_block_fullReturns one of the full JIVE decomposition matrices.
get_block_loadingsAJIVE loadings
get_block_scoresReturns the AJIVE block scores.
get_common_normalized_scoresReturns the common normalized scores.
get_final_decompositionComputes the final JIVE decomposition.
get_individual_decompositionComputes the individual matix for a data block.
get_individual_rankIndividual rank of block k.
get_joint_decompositionComputes the joint matix for a data block.
get_joint_rankJoint rank.
get_joint_scoresComputes the joint scores.
get_svdSingluar Value Decomposition.
get_sv_thresholdThe singular value threshold.
get_wedin_boundEstimate the wedin bound for a data matrix.
plot_blocks_gridMakes a plot for each block in a hotizontal grid.
sample_toy_dataSamples toy two block JIVE data.
scree_plotScree plot
scree_plot_blocksShows the scree plot for each data block.
svd_reconstructionReconstruces the original matrix from its SVD.
truncate_svdTruncates an SVD.
wedin_bound_resamplingResampling procedure for the wedin bound
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