Man pages for idea-labs/comsldpsy
Data and analysis code for Visser et. al (submitted)

add_figure_1Figure 1
add_figure_2Figure 2
add_figure_3Figure 3
add_figure_allAdd figures
add_table_1Table 1
add_table_2Table 2
add_table_3Table 3
add_table_4Table 4
add_table_allAdd tables
add_textAdd text blocks to manuscript
add_text_descriptivesDescriptive statistics for manuscript text
add_text_exclusionNumbers of excluded participants for manuscript text
add_text_fisherResults of Fisher's exact test for manuscript text
add_text_poissonResults of the poisson model for manuscript text
add_text_posthocResults of the post hoc tests for manuscript text
add_text_trendResults of trend test for manuscript text
adj_inv_sinh_ci_orConfidence interval for odds ratios
body_add_caption_figureFigure caption
body_add_caption_tableTable caption
body_add_footnoteTable footnote
combine_wrtCombine grade-specific WRT scores
compare_dirsCompare directories
compute_hashesCompute hashes
copy_analysisCopy analysis directory structure
correct_mult_compMultiple comparison correction
count_filterNumber of excluded participants
count_filter_resultsNumber of excluded participants per exclusion criterion
create_nationalityCreate variable 'nationality'
create_psy_varsCreate variables indicating psychopath. problems
create_sld_varsCreate variables indicating SLD status
delete_analysisDelete analysis directory structure
export_pkgenvExport package environment
filter_dataFilter data
fisher_testFisher's exact test
get_file_listGet file list
get_filter_condData frame with all exclusion criteria
get_fontFlextable font settings
get_mean_ciMean and CI of intelligence score
get_n_perc_filterCompute number and percentage
get_percentCompute percentage
get_planGet the analysis plan
glm_poissonPoisson regression
operator_compoundcompound assignment pipe operator
operator_expositionexposition pipe operator
operator_pipepipe operator
operator_zeallotzeallot assignment operator
plot_figure_1Plot for Figure 1
plot_figure_2Plot for Figure 2
plot_figure_3Plot for Figure 3
posthoc_testPost hoc tests for a 3 x 2 contingency table trend test
recode_analyzeRecode variable 'analyze'
recode_education_motherRecode variable 'education_mother'
report_fisher_orOdds ratio and CI for Fisher's exact test
report_poissonParameter estimate, CI, and p-value for the poisson model
report_posthocOdds ratios, CIs, and p-values for post hoc tests
report_trend_orOdds ratio and CI for trend test
report_trend_signz-score and p-value for trend test
reproduce_analysisReproduce the analysis
theme_apaFlextable theme to mimic APA style
tidy_glmTidy GLM results
transform_dataTransform raw data
trend_testTrend test for ordered r x 2 contingency table
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