Man pages for ijlyttle/ieeecomtrade
Import IEEE COMTRADE files

comtradecomtrade constructor
ct_attrMake a function that gets variable-names
ct_channel_nameHelper function for channel names
ct_config_analog_channelCreate data-frame for analog channels
ct_examplepath to example
ct_instantMake an "instant" data frame
ct_read_configRead config file
ct_read_dataRead data file
ct_read_data_configRead data file using config information
ct_read_zipRead a zip file to make a comtrade object
ct_sample_per_cycleAccessor functions
ct_serialize_configSerialize a config object
fn_scale_channelGet function to scale analog-channel
fn_scale_sideGet function to scale side
keating_1999Keating waveform, 1999 format
parse_configparse into a data frame
parse_config_listparse into a list
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