Man pages for ijlyttle/shinypod
Reusable shiny modules

df_names_inheritsGet the names of all the columns of the dataframe that...
df_with_tzSets the timezone of all time-based columns in a dataframe
dygraph_serverServer function for dygraph module.
dygraph_sidebar_sideSidebar layout for dygraph module
dygraph_ui_inputUI input elements for dygraph module.
dygraph_ui_miscUI miscellaneous elements for dygraph module.
dygraph_ui_outputUI output elements for dygraph module.
isValidychecks to see that an expression passes shiny validation
observe_class_swapswap out classes on an html element
pre_scrollhtml for scrollable pre-formatted text
reactive_validatecombines handling of reactive and validating the contents
read_delim_serverServer function for delimted-file reader.
read_delim_sidebar_sideSidebar layout for read_delim module
read_delim_ui_inputUI input elements for delimited-file reader.
read_delim_ui_miscUI miscellaneous elements for delimited-file reader.
read_delim_ui_outputUI output elements for delimited-file reader.
staticstrip away the reactivity
status_contentuse input and result to generate message and class of status
text_htmlconvert text into an html fragment
tibble_htmlconvert a tbl_df printout into an html fragment
update_selecteddetermine the proper selection
use_podcreate a shinypod from a template
write_delim_serverServer function for delimted-file writer.
write_delim_sidebar_sideSidebar layout for write_delim module
write_delim_ui_inputUI input elements for delimited-file writer.
write_delim_ui_outputUI output elements for delimited-file writer.
wx_amesWeather observations at Ames - Jan. 2014
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