Man pages for ilapros/ilaprosUtils
A miscellaneous collection of functions I tend to use

dates-transformationFunctions to transform dates into other useful information
extractPeaksExtracting peaks
Generalised-Extreme-Values-distributionThe Generalised Extreme Values distibution
Generalised-Logistic-distibutionThe Generalised Logistic distibution
gev.hist.fitMaximum Likelihood Fitting for the GEV distibution in the...
glo.fitMaximum Likelihood Fitting for the GLO distibution
glo.hist.fitMaximum Likelihood Fitting for the GEV distibution in the...
gloqGLO quantile function
glo.rlFitted return curve for a object
GOF-testsModified functions from nsRFA
inst2dailyExtracting maximas
lengthNOTnaLength without NAs
lmom.hist.fitL-moment estimation in the presence of Historical Data
meanNOTnaMean without NAs
PPlinesGAdd return level curves based on a set of (estimated)...
PPmatGPlotting positions of a matrix of data
print.gev.fitnicer print of results
print.glo.fitnicer print of results
print.gpd.fitnicer print of results
print.pp.fitnicer print of results
retPlotPlots of return curves and confidence intervals estimated by...
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