Man pages for imarpe/imarpe
Tools for graphics and summary reports for IMARPE

AIPShapefileIsoparalitoral area.
assignAnchovy_seasonTitle Assing anchovy season
capitalizeFirstLetterCapitalize first letter
catchSpeciesSpecies catch in the database of PBP.
combineFisheryVarCombine fishery variables
downloadDailyFishingDownload daily fishing monitoring files
effortSpeciesData.bitacoraGet species effort data
engToSpaMonths in english to months in spanish
getAIPInfoTitle Extract information from isoparalitoral area code
getBitacoraDataGet data from bitacora class
getCalendarGet calendar
getCpue_relativeGet the relative catch per unit effort (cpue)
getDailyReportGet daily report of fishing monitoring
getEffortGet fishing effort
getFishingDataGet data from fishery class
getMainResults.bitacoraGet main results from bitacora
getPortGet port information from name
harborDataLista de puertos
imarpeimarpe: R package for the the automation of graphs, tables...
imarpeColoursColours for the package.
isopArea.assignerTitle Get the isoparalitoral area code
month2wordMonths in numbers to months in words
month.abb_spanishAbbreviations of the months.
plot.cpuePlot method for cpue objects
plotEffortPlotEffort method
plotEffort.numericPlot series of fishing effort by ports
plot.fisheryPlot method for fishery objects
plotFishingPointsPlotFishignPoints method
plotFishingPoints.bitacoraPlot for fishing points
plotFishingPresencePlotFishingPresence method
plotFishingPresence.bitacoraPlot for fishing presence points
plotSpeciesCompositionPlotSpeciesComposition method
plotSpeciesComposition.bitacoraPlot for species composition of catch
portDataPeruvian port data.
print.bitacoraPrint method for bitacora objects
print.cpuePrint method for cpue objects
print.fisheryPrint method for fishery objects
print.summary.bitacoraPrint method for summary.bitacora
print.summary.cpuePrint method for summary.cpue
print.summary.fisheryPrint method for summary.fishery
reportReport method
report.bitacoraReport method for bitacora objects
report.cpueReport method for cpue objects
report.fisheryReport method for fishery objects
report.fishingMonitoringReport method for fishingMonitoring objects
seasonAnchovyNCAnchovy season for the north-central region.
seasonAnchovySAnchovy season for the south region.
speciesLista de especies
summary.bitacoraSummary method for bitacora objects
summary.cpueSummary method for cpue objects
summary.fisherySummary method for fishery objects
vectorColoursVector colours
word2monthMonths in words to months in numbers
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