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inSileco Miscellaneous Functions

addURLAdd a URL
addWebIconAdd a web icon.
adjustStringAdjust the size of a character string to a given number of...
aggregateColAggregate columns
applyStringApply a function on elements of a character string
assignClass2dfAssign a class to columns
assignIdsAssign an id to a list of characters or factors
categorizeAssign categories to a vector of values.
dfTemplateCreate a data frame from scratch or based on one or two data...
duplicateRowDuplicates elements of a data frame.
findRefFind citation tags.
findReplaceFind and replace
findThemFind values in a given vector.
gaussianShapeFlexible bell-shaped function
getDigitsExtract digits from a character vector.
inSilecoMisc-package'inSileco' is a set of miscellaneous R functions of inSileco.
keepWordsKeep words and letters.
logisticLogistic functions
loremIpsumLorem ipsum.
meanAlongCompute the mean along a vector
multiMatchMutiple match.
packagesUsedGet a data frame of package and their installed version.
readYamlHeaderReads YAML headers.
scaleWithinScale a set of values
setColClassSet class of data frames columns
signifSymbolsA simple function to associated p-values with symbols.
squaretizeMakes a data frame or a matrix square.
substrBibSubstract Bibtex entries.
whichIsSearch values or patterns in a vector
wordCountCount words
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