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The multimput package was originally intended to provide the data and code to replicate the results of Onkelinx, Devos, and Quataert (2016). This paper is freely available at The functions were all rewritten to make them more user-friendly and more generic. In order to make the package more compact, we removed the original code and data starting for version 0.2.6. However both the original code and data remain available in the older releases.


All helpfiles and vignettes are available at


This package requires the INLA package. You need to install it with install.packages("INLA", repos = ""). If this fails you can use devtools::install_github("inbo/INLA"). Note that the latter is just a read-only mirror which is infrequently updated. Hence installing INLA from is highly recommended.

When INLA is installed, you can install multimput. For Windows, we recommend to use our drat repository. First install the drat package (install.packages("drat")), then add our drat repository to your session (drat:addRepo("inbo")). Finally you can install multimput (install.packages("drat")). For Linux or Mac OS, you can either follow the Windows instructions or install the development version with devtools. First install devtools (install.packages("devtools")). Then install multimput (devtools::install_github("inbo/multimput", build_vignettes = TRUE)). To view the vignette use vignette("Impute", package = "multimput"). The vignette is also available at

A docker image with all the required dependencies is available from Use docker pull inbobmk/multimput to get it.

Folder structure

The folder structure is that of a typical R packages with the mandatory R folder (definition of the functions) and man (helpfiles in Rd format). data is an optional folder in which some data sets are stored. The optional test folder contains the unit tests using the infrastructure from the testthat package. The optional vignette folder contains examples of the available themes. man-roxygen contains roxygen2 templates for the documentation.

|-- data
|-- man
|-- man-roxygen
|-- R
|-- tests
   |-- testthat
|-- vignettes

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