Man pages for injuryepi/injuryicd10cm
ICD-10-CM Injury Matrix

add_inj_intent_mech_icd10cmAdd intent, mechanism, and description to injury ICD-10-CM.
clean_mech_namesclean the mechanism categories replacing space and other...
create_intent_mechAdd intent and mechanism combined fields for injury...
create_new_diagCreate a new variable based on pattern in the argument expr
icd10cm_codes_2019_regexicd-10-cm list and descriptions.
icd10cm_data150Dataset with icd-10-cm codes.
icd10cm_inj_regexThe icd10cm injury matrix.
icd10cm_injury_matrixThe complete icd10cm injury matrix.
icd10cm_intent_mech_regexThe icd10cm injury matrix by intent and mechanism.
icd10cm_intent_regexicd10cm injury matrix by intent only.
icd10cm_mech_regexicd10cm injury matrix by mechanism only.
make_regextransform the ICD-10-CM codes into an operational regular...
make_regex1transform the ICD-10-CM codes into an operational regular...
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