Man pages for injuryepi/overdoser
Overdose data analysis

add_any_opioid_icd10cmAny opioid case.
dea_setSimulated Death Data.
hosp_setSimulated Hospitalization Data.
icd10cm18ICD-10-CM codes table and description v2018.
icd9cm14ICD-9-CM codes table and description v2014.
od_age11Make an eleven-category age grouping.
od_any_drug_icd10cmFind any drug.
od_any_opioid_icd10cmAny opioid case.
od_cocaine_icd10cmFind cocaine based on ICD-10-CM.
od_create_cond_diagcreate conditionnally a new variable.
od_create_diagCreate a new variable based on pattern.
od_create_diag_9Create a new variable based on patterns.
od_crude_rateCalculate crude rate.
od_date_dayComplete trucated date.
od_diag9_10cmFind diagnoses across ICD-9 and ICD-10 periods.
od_drug_apr_icd10cmFind drug types from ICD-10-CM.
od_drug_apr_icd9cmFind drug types based on ICD-9-CM.
od_drug_apr_transAdd new drug variables based on both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM.
od_drug_types_icd10cmFind drug types from ICD-10-CM.
od_drug_types_icd9_10cmFind drug types.
od_drug_types_icd9cmFind drug types based on ICD-9-CM.
od_drug_types_transAdd new drug variables based on both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM.
od_fatal_alcoholFind any alcohol poisoning.
od_fatal_alcohol_toxFind any Alcohol toxicity
od_fatal_antidepFind andidepressant poisoning
od_fatal_any_drugFind any drug overdose.
od_fatal_any_opioidFind any opioid.
od_fatal_benzoFind any Benzodiazepines poisoning
od_fatal_drug_listAdd selected drug overdose as defined by CDC using ICD-10.
od_fatal_otherFind other drug poisonings. excluding opioid, sedative,...
od_fatal_psychoFind psychotropic poisoning antidepressant and neuroleptics
od_fatal_sedativeFind any sedative toxicity
od_fed_fiscal_yearCalculate federal fiscal year.
od_heroin_icd10cmFind heroin based on ICD-10-CM.
od_intent_icd10cmFind intent based on ICD-10-CM.
od_intent_icd10cm_6Find six categories intent.
od_intent_icd9_10cmFind intent for ICD-10-CM.
od_intent_icd9cmFind intent for ICD-9-CM
od_intent_transFind intent for ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM.
od_non_heroin_icd10cmFind non-heroin opioid ICD-10-CM.
od_ui_fatal_drugFind any unintentional drug overdose.
od_ui_fatal_opioidFind any opioid.
od_und_fatal_drugFind any unintentional drug overdose.
pop_15_16Simulated Population Data.
seacolorsSeahawks colors.
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