Man pages for introstat/ePort
Electronic Reporting of Academic Learning and Performance

cleanHTMLRemove the HTML strings in the answer
cleanScoreClean the scores to a simple format
cleanSetGet the Question Set and Objective Set Scores
clusterBootstrapUse bootstrap to find the best number of clusters
clusterCriteriaCalculate the criterion values for different number of...
clusterStudentsCluster students by performance
combineFilesMerge two CSV files into one file
convertkeyConvert a TXT answer key to a data frame
encodeNameEncode all student names in the data files
flagFlag the unusual questions
getNameListGet a full list of the students' names
makeReportGenerate a report for one homework
mergeDataMerge the scores from several homeworks
mergeSectionSummarise several files of the same topic
multipleComparisonRun the multiple comparison
readScoreExtract useful information from Blackboard data files
refineKeyParse the html file to get the answer key.
rewriteDataRewrite the data file
setDirSet and parse the data directory
shortenAnswersAbbreviate verbose answers
splitFileSplit one csv data file into two files
subsetDataSubset one section in use
summaryLevelSummary on questions
summaryScoreSummary on students
wideTableLatexSplit wide tables into several tables
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