Man pages for iobis/obistools
Tools for data enhancement and quality control

abraSubset of Abra alba data from OBIS.
calculate_centroidCalculates the centroid and radius of a WKT geometry.
check_depthCheck which points have potentially invalid depths.
check_eventdateCheck eventDate format.
check_eventidsCheck if eventID and parentEventID are present, and...
check_extension_eventidsCheck if all eventIDs in an extension have corresponding...
check_fieldsCheck if the required and recommended OBIS fields are...
check_onlandCheck which points are located on land.
event_fieldsEvent Core fields.
exportTreeExports a visual representation of a tree to an HTML file.
flatten_eventFlatten event records.
flatten_occurrenceFlatten event and occurrence records.
hyperbenthosHyperbenthic communities of the North Sea.
identify_mapIdentify a point on a map.
lookup_xyLookup spatial data for a set of points.
map_fieldsMap column names.
match_taxaTaxpn matching using WoRMS.
obistoolsobistools: Tools for data enhancement and quality control
occurrence_fieldsOccurrence Core fields.
plot_mapPlot occurrences on a map.
plot_map_leafletCreate a Leaflet map.
reportCreates a basic data quality report.
treeStructureGenerate a tree summarizing the dataset structure, based on...
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