Man pages for ipw012/RIVERpkg
R package for RIVER (RNA-Informed Variant Effect on Regulation)

appRIVERApplication of RIVER
evaRIVEREvaluation of RIVER
getDataGet coordinated data from a compressed file for RIVER
getFuncRvFeatPosterior probabilities of FR given G
getFuncRvPosteriorsPosterior probabilities of FR given G and E.
integratedEMAn iterative expectation-maximization algorithm for RIVER
mleBetaMaximum likelihoood estimate of beta.
mleThetaMaximum likelihoood estimate of theta.
plotPosteriorsDraw scatter plots of posterior probabilities from both RIVER...
RIVERRIVER: R package for an implementation of an extensible...
testPosteriorsTest posterior probabilities of FR given G and E
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