Man pages for isglobal-brge/bayesGen
Bayesian model for genomic data

armengolCNV data from Armengol, et al paper
bayesCNVassocBayesian model to analyze CNV data
bayesGen-internalInternal bayesGen functions
bayesSNPassocBayesian model to analyze SNP data
checkConvergenceFunction to check convergence of Bayesian model
getParametersGet Parameters for a Bayesian model (SNP or CNV)
makeHeatmapCreates a Heatmap using coefficients of Bayesian model
modFitted model for simulated data
mod.CNVFitted model for Armengol et al.'s data
OVCNV data for Ovarian Serous Cystadenocarcinoma obtained from...
sim.dataSimulated SNP data
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