Man pages for isoverse/isotopia
Work with Isotopic Data in R

abundanceFractional abundance
arithmeticIsotope arithmetic isotope system to a data frame.
convert_isosysgeneric function to convert an isotope system that is part of...
deltaDelta value
fractionateFractionate an isotopic value
fractionation_factorFractionation factor
get_valueRetrieve isotope object's primitive values
get_weightRetrieve isotope object's weights
get_weighted_valueRetrieve isotope object's weighted values
intensityIon intensity
is.isoChecks for isotope value objects
isocreate an isotope value object (this function is not exported...
iso_optsIsotopia options
isotopia-packageisotopia package
mass_balanceCalculate isotope mass balance
object_infoInformation about an isotopic data object
quietlyRun a calculation quietly.
ratioIsotope ratio
recast_isovalgeneric function to recast an isotopic value object during...
set_attribSet attributes of isotope objects
shift_referenceShift reference frame
showshow information
standardsIsotope standards
switch_notationSwitch notation
to_abundanceConvert to isotope abundance
to_deltaConvert to delta value
to_ffFractionation factor
to_ratioConvert to isotope ratio
update_isoupdate_iso the attributes of an isotope value object internal...
weightWeight an isotope value object
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