Man pages for itawaputtytat/puttytat4R
Collection of useful "helper"-functions

adjustLeftMarginAdjust left margin of ggplot2 object to specific margin
clustUse different algorithms for cluster analysis
clust.hclustHierarchical clustering
clust.kmeansk-Means clustering
clust.kmeansppk-Means++ clustering
codeOutlierGrubbFlag outlier according to Grubb (1969)
codeOutliersZFlag outlier above z = 1.96
computeScoresRecode/Invert items
computeSummaryCompute summary
conv.sec2timestampConvert seconds to timestamp (
conv.timestamp2secConvert timestamp ( to seconds
createFilePathBuild file path and create subdirectories if necessary
dbConnectBySettingsConnect to PostgreSQL database
dbFindConnObjFind object name by dns
dbGetSrcQuery complete database source
dbInitSettingsInitialise PostgreSQL settings
dbRemoveSrcRemove views or tables from database
getDecimalPlacesGet number of decimal places
imputeNAImpute values using mice
intrpldfInterpolate complete data.frame
intrplNumInterpolate numeric values
outputDoneOutput "Done!"
outputFunCallStack: Output function call stack
outputFunProcPrint currently used function name and type
outputProcTimeOutput processing time
outputSectionTitleOutput section title
outputStringPrint text with enclosing separating lines
paste_Concatenate strings using underscore as operator
pauseAndContinuePause and continue
plotItemProfilePlot item profile
progressBar100Progressbar for 100 An object of class 'txtProgressBar' of...
puttytat4R_envTest functions for outputFunProc
recodeItemsRecode/Invert items
reloadPackagePrint currently used function name and type
reportNAReport NA values
rollAvgRolling average
writeSelfAsLogSave currect script as script in log directory
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