Man pages for itsdalmo/reporttool
Tools for reporting

add_entitiesAdd a summary of entities to a survey
add_mmAdd measurement model to a survey
add_weightsAdd weights based on marketshares
beamer_templateBeamer template
evaluate_rmdEvaluate a .Rmd file (after converting with rmd_to_r)
factor_dataConvert variables to factor
from_clipboardRead from Windows/OSX clipboard
from_labelledFlatten SPSS input
generate_pptPowerpoint template
generate_reportGenerate report
plot_themeggplot2 theme
prepare_dataPrepare survey data
prepare_surveyPrepare survey for reporting
read_dataRead common data formats
read_sharepointExtract from a study directory on sharepoint
reporttoolreporttool: From raw data to batch reports
rmd_to_rConvert .Rmd to .R
set_associationSet latent associations for survey
set_configSet configuration for the survey
set_marketshareSet marketshares for entities
set_translationSet translations for the survey
surveyCreate a survey object
survey_tableCreate tables from surveys
to_clipboardWrite to Windows/OSX clipboard
to_labelledConvert to labelled
toplineCreate a topline
to_sheetWrite data to sheet (in an openxlsx workbook)
write_dataWrite common file formats
write_questionnaireWrite questionnaire
write_sharepointWrite input files
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