Man pages for itsdalmo/reporttoolDT
Work with surveys to generate reports

add_contrastAdd contrast
add_latent_spreadAdd latent spreads
add_weightAdd weight
as_scaleConvert variable to scale
bar_chart_.SurveyUsing bar_chart_ with a Survey
clean_scaleClean scale scores
entitiesEntities (summary)
export_netigateExport to netigate
flow_chartFlow chart
generate_reportGenerate report from Rmarkdown
get_defaultGet default values used internally.
get_labelGet a private field from a Survey object.
impact_tableImpact table
latent_plotLatent plot
latents_plsPrepare data
latent_tableLatent scores
line_chart_.SurveyUsing line_chart_ with a Survey
manifest_plotManifest plot
manifest_tableManifest scores
modelMeasurement model
plot_themesEPSI ggplot theme
qtable_.SurveyUsing qtable_ with a Survey
read_surveyRead a Survey
render_htmlRender .Rmd to HTML
render_pdfRender .Rmd to PDF
render_pptRender .Rmd to PPT
reporttoolDTreporttoolDT: Work with Surveys to create reports.
rescale_10Rescale 0-100 numeric to 1-10 integer.
rescale_100Rescale 1-10 integer to 0-100 numeric.
set_labelSet a private field for a Survey object.
str_justTrim strings
str_listConjunct strings
str_to_numericExtract numbers from strings
surveyCreate a new Survey
write_questionnairePrint questionnaire
write_surveyWrite a Survey
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