votB: Voting Behaviour in Netherlands

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The votB data frame has 8971 rows and 2 columns. The raw data refers to the type of the city and the political party which each participant voted for in the 1986 general elections in the Netherlands.




This data frame contains the following columns:


A factor with levels: co Commuter; lx Large city; mc Middle large city; ri Rural industrialised; ru Rural; sc Small city.


A factor with levels: cda Christian democrats; d66 Democrats; left Other left-wing parties; Pvda Labor party; right Other right-wing parties; vvd Liberals.


Statistics Netherlands (1987). Statistiek der verkiezingen 1986. Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal 21 mei 1996. [Statistics of the elections of the Lower House, May 21-th 1996]. The Hague: Staatsuitgeverij.


van der Ark, A. L. 1999. Contributions to Latent Budget Analysis, a tool for the analysis of compositional data. Ph.D. Thesis University of Utrecht.

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