Man pages for ivanliu1989/RQuant
A collection of generic functions

add_day_labels_datetimeAdd formatted axis label
add_formatted_yAdd formatted y axis
addToTimingsTableTime steps in a script
AnomalyDetectionTsAnomaly Detection Using Seasonal Hybrid ESD Test
AnomalyDetectionVecAnomaly Detection Using Seasonal Hybrid ESD Test
appendToTableAppend a data set to another data set a list to a data frame
asHTMLListConvert a vector or list into a html list
binaryClassifierEffectBinary Classifier Effects
binaryClassifierEmailReportEmail a Binary Classifier Report
binaryClassifierEvaluationEvaluate a Binary Classification Model
buildhtmlmsgBuild HTML email message
buildModelEasy to use version of xgboost
check.glm.assumptionsGLM Assumptions
cleanNumericFeaturesClean Numeric Features
convertyDataToXgBoostConvert a training dataset (including target variable) into a...
createGitIgnoreCreate and print out .gitignore
deployShinyAppDeploy a shiny app for all users
deployShinyAppForUserDeploy a shiny app for a single user
detect_anomsDetects anomalies in a time series using S-H-ESD.
emptyDFCreate an empty data.frame
extractDateFeaturesExtract Date Features from a data.frame or data.table
findScriptsByParsingFind Scripts that contain an object or package-dependency by...
findScriptsByPatternFind Scripts that contain a variable or depend on a package...
firstTimeSetupSetup the RStuido Environment for New Users
format_timestampFormat timestamp
generateFactorEncodingConvert Factor features to Numeric features
generateFeatureEffectsSlidesVariable effects to ppt
generateForexSentimentReportWeekly Forex Sentiment Email Report
generateOandaCointegrationReportOanda Weekly Cointegrated Pairs Searc
generateOHEGenerate One Hot Encoding
generatePrecisionRecallCurveGenerate a standard Precision/Recall plot
generateROCCurveGenerate a standard ROC curve
getAApowerpointTemplateThe RQuant standard powerpoint template
getDataFrameVariableTypesExtract variable types from data.frames
getFinancialWeekFromDateGet the Financial Week from a particular Date (Not working...
getFinancialYearFromDateGet the Financial Year from a particular Date
get_granGet time granularity
getJSONFileGet a JSON file
getPartOfDayFromDateGet the Part of Day for a particular Date
get_rangeget range for ggplot
getSeasonFromDateGet the season for a particular Date
getTrainTestIdsfunction to take in a set of ids and produce a list of...
helloHello, World!
htmlEndClose of a HTML email message
htmlIntroCreate the header HTML for an email message
htmlTableQuantCreate HTML table
installCommonPackagesInstall Common Packages
is.waiveIs waive
listFnsList functions within a loaded package
mergeDataFramesMerge a list of data.frames
multiplotMultiple plot function
ngramifyGenerate n-grams from a document
optimiseHyperparametersBased on the code from rBayesianOptimisation
plotCusumEWMAPlot Cusum & EWMA Plot
prepareTimingTableConvert a timings table to a final timings table
prettyDateConvert a date into Day-Month format as a standard
pushGitRepoAdd Commit and Push Cuurent Git Repository
qcc.ggplotConvert QCC Plot into GGPlot
quantColoursReturn the Quant colours.
quantFormattingReturn the Quant Report header text and header background...
readSQLFileAndUpdateParametersRead in a sql file and update the parameters
regressionEmailReportEmail a Regression Evaluation Report
regressionEvaluationEvaluate Regression Model Results
releaseNotesCreate HTML release notes for email
replacePunctuationReplace Punctuation
roughModelDataSetToNumericRough conversion of data set to numeric data set
RQuantSendMailSend an Email through R
rsapplyRegular Expression Apply Function for data.table
rsClassHelper function for rsapply to do determine features in a...
rsGetColumnNamesHelper function for rsapply to do retrieve column names.
rsImputeFactorHelper function for rsapply to do Factor Imputation.
rsImputeMeanHelper function for rsapply to do Mean Imputation.
rsImputeMedianHelper function for rsapply to do Median Imputation.
rsImputeValueHelper function for rsapply to do Value-based Imputation.
rsPrintHelper function for rsapply to do print an element.
rsRemoveHelper function for rsapply to do remove an element.
simpleCapCapital initial for each word
spiderPlotlyCreate a Spider graph Plotly object
splitDataToTrainTestDataFrameFunction to split a dataset and return training, test and...
splitDataToTrainTestDataFrameFromIdFunction to split a dataset and return training, test and...
splitDataToTrainTestStratifiedFunction to do stratified sampling for model data Dataframe
summarise.dfSummary Dataframe
test.hypothesisSummary Hypothesis Test
text_cleanFunction to clean your tweets text
tfidfTransformerGenerate n-grams from a document
theme_anzquantUse a ggplot2 theme with r aesthetics
toHTMLConvert text to HTML element
topicModelingTopic Modeling
updateDirFilePermissionsManipulaton of Directories and File Permissions
updateSQLwithParamsParameterised SQL.
userDeploymentEmailSend a standard release email to a user of a shiny app
waiverA waiver object. Copied from ggplot2
wordCloudVisPlot a word cloud
xgboostModelRun an eXtreme Gradient Boosting model
xgboostModel_alphaTrain an eXtreme Gradient Boosting model [Alpha]
xgboostScoreExplainExplain an observation's score from an xgboost model and show...
xgboostVariableImportanceGet the variable Importance of a xgboost Model
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