Man pages for ivanliu1989/RQuantAPI
A collection of functions of API connections from different brokers

Autochartist.OandaReturns ‘Our Favourites’ signals from Autochartist.
cancelIBFundamentalDataA Wrapper for IB Fundamental Data Cancellation
cancelIBNewsBulletinsCancel News Bulletins of Interactive Brokers
cancelOandaOrderCancel a pending Oanda offer
checkIBConnectionNotification of IB Gateway Interruption
cloaseOandaTradeClose a trade in Oanda
COT.OandaCommitments of Traders data from the CFTC for supported...
createOandaOrderCreate an Order for an Oanda Account
createOandaPositionCloseClose out a Oanda Position
createOandaTPSLOrderCreate Stoploss or Takeprofit Order for an Oanda Account
EconomicCalendarOandaEconomic Calendar information relevant to an instrument
getHeadlinesDailyFXFetch Forex News Feed from DailyFX
getIBForexHistDownload FX Historical Data
getOandaCurPricingGet Priceing Information for Oanda Instruments
getOandaInstrumentCandlesFetch Candlestick Data for an Instrument from Oanda
getOandaOrderListGet a list of Orders of an Account
getOandaPositionsList all Positions for an Account
getOandaTradesGet a list of Trades for an Oanda Account
getOandaTxnsGet a list of Transactions of Oanda Account
getOandaTxnsIDGet a list of Transactions of Oanda Account Since ID
helloHello, World!
HistoricalPositionOandaHistorical Position ratios for a supported instrument
IG_AuthIG API Login
IG_Auth2IG API V2 Login
IG_close_open_posIG API Closes one or more OTC positions
IG_create_open_posIG API Create one or more OTC positions
IG_create_working_orderIG API Creates an OTC working order.
IG_del_working_orderIG API Deletes an OTC working order.
IG_fetch_account_actIG API Fetch Account Activities
IG_fetch_accountsIG API Fetch Account Information
IG_fetch_all_watchlistsIG API Get All Watchlists
IG_fetch_dealIG API Returns a deal confirmation for the given deal...
IG_fetch_hist_pricesIG API Fetch Historical Prices
IG_fetch_marketsIG API Fetch Markets Information
IG_fetch_open_posIG API Returns all open positions for the active account.
IG_fetch_rel_sentimentIG API Get Sentiment of Related Market
IG_fetch_sentimentIG API Get Sentiment of Market
IG_fetch_sub_nodesIG API Get Sub Navigation
IG_fetch_top_navigationIG API Get Top Navigation
IG_fetch_txns_histIG API Fetch Account Historical Transactions
IG_fetch_working_ordersIG API Returns all open working orders for the active...
IG_search_marketsIG API Search Markets
IG_update_open_posIG API Updates an OTC position.
IG_update_working_orderIG API Updates an OTC working order.
InsitesSqlConnectJDBCSQL Server Connection
QuandlConnectQuandl API Connection
reqIBExecutionsA Wrapper for IB Executions history
reqIBFundamentalDataA Wrapper for IB Fundamental Data
reqIBNewsBulletinsA Wrapper for IB News Bulletins Data
rGETIG API GET request
rGetSnapshotIG API GET Snapshot
robustFunctionIG API Utilities
setupTwitterConnSets up the OAuth credentials for a twitteR session
SpreadsOandaSpread information for a supported instrument
sqlServerConnectODBCSQL Server Connection
tweet_corpusSubmit a search query (terms separated by "+") and get a...
tweet_corpus_chunckSubmit a search query by chuncks
tweet_textConvenience function for accessing the text part of a tweet
twitterExtracterExtract FX Tweets
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