Man pages for jacintoArias/archeospec
Analysis of the Reflectance Spectra From Paintings: Classification and Endmembers.

clustering_endmembersClustering fixing centroids to endmembers
clustering_kmeansK-Means clustering
genReportCreate a report
is.spectralCheck if the object x is of class spectral
load_signature_filesLoad the samples from a folder path
plot_clustersPlot clustering
plot_elbowGenerate the elbow plot
plot_endmember_clusterPlot endmembers coloured by clustering
plot_endmember_density_barPlot of endmember density bar by clusters
plot_endmember_density_boxPlot of endmember density box by clusters
plot_endmembersPlot endmember signatures
plot_intracorrelationIntercorrelation plot
plot_mutualinfoMutual information plot
plot_residualsResiduals plot
plot_signaturesPlot signatures
print.spectralPrint a short description of the spectral object
remove_headFilter out the high wavelength values
remove_tailFilter out the low wavelength values
smooth_leapsSmooth leaps of signatures
summary.spectralPrint the summary of the spectral object
table_endmembersEndmembers description
table_residuals_summaryResiduals for each signature
table_weightsSignature endmember weights
unmixing_fixedFix the endmembers
unmixing_vcaUnmixing based on VCA
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