Man pages for jackiemauro/hurdleIV

cant.solveTest if you can invert a matrix
cragg_errs1Resample only linear errors for truncated normal errors
cragg_errs2Resample for truncated normal errors
cragg_errs3Resample for truncated normal errors
cragg_errs_DCResample for truncated normal errors
cragg_errs_MGResample for truncated normal errors
hurdle.IVHurdle IV regression
hurdle.IV.simSimulate a dataset
loglik_craggivCragg IV likelihood
loglik_lgivLognormal IV likelihood
make.covHelper function to make covariance matrix
make.covTransMake a proper covariance matrix
make.dfMake a dataset of Normals
make.namesHelper fn
name.piecesName the elements that go into your regression function.
reconstitute.covReconstitute a covariance matrix
start.valGet the starting points for your regression
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