Man pages for jackobailey/jbmisc
Jack Bailey's R functions and templates

as_dummyConvert Factor Variables to Dummies
bailey_coloursJack Bailey's Colour Palette.
in_textIn-Text Summary Statistics
inv_logitInverse Logit Function
list_objectsCreate List of All Objects in the Global Environment
loremGenerate Placeholder Text
mark_naMark Values as NA
ncrCompute Combinations
nprCompute Permutations
rescaleRescale Variables in R
rlikertSimulate Likert-Type Data
sample_n_ofSample Groups at Random
save_infoQuicky and Easy Session Info .txt Files
thanksThanks for Replicating!
theme_baileyJack Bailey's Custom ggplot Theme.
uom_coloursUniversity of Manchester Colour Palette.
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