Man pages for jacob-long/JTools
Analysis and Presentation of Social Scientific Data

as_huxtable.sim_slopesCreate tabular output for simple slopes analysis
cat_plotPlot interaction effects between categorical predictors.
centerMean-center vectors, data frames, and survey designs
center_modCenter variables in fitted regression models
effect_plotPlot simple effects in regression models
export_summsExport regression summaries to tables
glance.summBroom extensions for summ objects
gridlinesAdd and remove gridlines
gscaleScale and/or center data, including survey designs
interact_plotPlot interaction effects in regression models
johnson_neymanCalculate Johnson-Neyman intervals for 2-way interactions
j_summRegression summaries with options
jtools_colorsColor palettes in 'jtools' functions
knit_print.summknitr methods for summ
make_predictionsGenerate predicted data for plotting results of regression...
make_predictions.brmsfitMake predictions for brmsfit models
make_predictions.merModGenerate predicted data for merMod models
make_predictions.rqMake predictions for quantile regression models
make_predictions.stanregMake predictions for stanreg models
pf_sv_testTest whether sampling weights are needed
plot_predictionsPlot predicted effects from make_predictions
plot.sim_slopesPlot coefficients from simple slopes analysis
plot_summsPlot Regression Summaries
probe_interactionProbe interaction effects via simple slopes and plotting
scale_modScale variables in fitted regression models
set_summ_defaultsSet defaults for 'summ' function
sim_slopesPerform a simple slopes analysis.
standardizeStandardize vectors, data frames, and survey designs
summRegression summaries with options
summ.glmGeneralized linear regression summaries with options
summ.lmLinear regression summaries with options
summ.merModMixed effects regression summaries with options
summ.rqQuantile regression summaries with options
summ.svyglmComplex survey regression summaries with options
svycorCalculate Pearson correlations with complex survey data
svysdCalculate standard deviations with complex survey data
theme_apaFormat ggplot2 figures in APA style
weights_testsTest whether sampling weights are needed
wgttestTest whether sampling weights are needed
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