Man pages for jacob-ogre/gdoc2rmd
Convert Google Doc HTML Files to Rmarkdown

add_stylesAppend new styles to CSS
add_yamlAdd rmarkdown YAML front-matter to markdown doc
clean_bracketsUn-escape square brackets
clean_hrefsRemove extraneous strings from URLs
convert_pelementsInsert <div>s in front of <p>s
decapitateSeparate the <head> from the <body> of an html file
get_cssExtract the <style> from HTML text
html2mdUse 'pandoc' to convert HTML to markdown
remove_at_importRemove google's \@import line from <style>
replace_empty_headingsRemove empty heading elements
replace_gdoc_statementReplace a specific string to reflect medium change
replace_html_escapesFix HTML escape codes for equals and space in URLs
replace_title_spanUpate the GDoc title <span> for proper formatting
update_cssUpdate the CSS from GDoc HTML
use_example_cssUse 'new_styles.css' from system.file
wrap_cssWrap CSS for pretty-printing
write_example_cssWrite 'new_styles' CSS to file
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