Man pages for jacob-ogre/nmfsscraper
Scrape PDFs From National Marine Fisheries Service Website

download_all_species_pdfsDownload PDFs of documents linked on NMFS species pages
download_policiesDownload all PDF policies documents from NMFS
download_recovery_plansDownload all PDF recovery documents from NMFS
download_species_pdfsDownload all PDF documents from NMFS for a species
download_status_reviewsDownload all PDF status review documents from NMFS
get_listings_pageRead NMFS's ESA listings page
get_policies_pageReturn NMFS's main policies page as an xml2 object
get_policies_pdf_urlsReturn PDF urls linked directly to NMFS's main policies page
get_policies_tablesGet tables of NMFS ESA policies
get_recovery_plan_pdf_urlsReturn PDF urls for ESA recovery plans from NMFS
get_recovery_plans_pageReturn NMFS's main recovery plan page as an xml2 object
get_recovery_plan_urls_directReturn PDF urls linked directly to NMFS's main recovery page
get_recovery_plan_urls_indirectReturn PDF urls linked indirectly to NMFS's main recovery...
get_species_pages_linksGet URLs to NMFS's ESA species pages
get_species_pdf_urlsGet all PDF URLs from query URL
get_status_review_pageReturn NMFS's main status review page as an xml2 object
get_status_review_pdf_urlsReturn PDF urls linked directly to NMFS's main status reviews...
NMFS_glossaryGlossary of terms from the National Marine Fisheries Service...
nmfsscraperScrape ESA documents from the NMFS website
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