Man pages for jacobbien/ggb
Graph-Guided Banding of the Covariance Matrix

cv_ggbCross Validation to Select Lambda for GGB Estimator
generate_gb_covarianceGenerate a Graph-Banded Covariance Matrix
ggbggb: Graph-Guided Banding for Covariance Estimation
ggb_global_nopsdCompute the Global GGB estimator without psd constraint
ggb_local_nopsdEvaluate the GGB-Local Penalty Proximal Operator Along Grid...
image_covarianceShow the Image of a Covariance Matrix
make_foldsMake folds for cross validation
pathproxR Wrapper to C Function a GGB-CV object
plot.ggbPlot a GGB object
print.ggbPrint output for a GGB object
prox_bcdR Wrapper to C Function for GGB-Local Penalty Proximal...
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