Man pages for jacpete/jpfxns2
Second Interation of JP Functions - Purdue Edition

adaptiveCenterCaptionAdds a centered caption to a variety of output types in...
adaptiveInlineMatrixLatex Matrix
chatFind overdispersion parameter
deg2radConvert Degrees to Radians and Vice Versa
latex_characterForce Latex Character Vector in Kable
latex_niceSigFigForce Pretty Latex Significant Figure in Kable
modelCoefTableModel Coefficient Table
numbers2wordsInteger numbers to words
radiusExtractXYExtract raster data within a window
sf_ClipPointsSPoverClip points using 'sp::over'
sf_extentMake extent class object for 'sf' object
sf_LatLongGridMake polygon grid over 'sf' feature using lat-lon coordinates
sf_sampleBetter random point sample
sf_studyAreaMake Study Area Polygons
sf_XYtoColsAdd XY columns from point sf
splitDFSplits data frame into a list of data frames
windowExtractExtract raster values in a window
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