Man pages for jagg19/AlpacaforR
Trade with Alpaca using R

add_to_watchlistAdd to Watchlist function
cancel_orderCancel Order function
close_all_positionsClose all positions function
close_positionClose all positions function
create_watchlistCreate Watchlist function
delete_from_watchlistDelete from Watchlist function
delete_watchlistDelete Watchlist function
get_accountGet Account function
get_account_activitiesGet Account function
get_assetsGet Assets function
get_barsGet Bars function
get_calendarGet Calendar function
get_clockGet Clock function
get_configGet Account Configurations function
get_headersGet Headers for Server Request function
get_metaGet Polygon Meta Data
get_ordersGet Orders function
get_poly_agg_quoteGet Polygon Aggregate Pricing Data
get_poly_historic_infoGet Polygon Historic Trades Information
get_poly_last_priceGet Polygon Last Price
get_poly_last_tradeGet Polygon Last Trade
get_poly_ohlcGet Polygon Daily OHLCV & After Hours
get_poly_prev_daycloseGet Polygon Previous Day Close for Ticker
get_poly_stock_splitsGet Polygon Stock Split Information
get_positionsGet Positions function
get_urlGet URL for Server Request function
get_url_polyGet Polygon URL for Server Request function
get_watchlistGet Watchlist function
get_watchlist_idsGet Watchlist IDs function
replace_orderReplace Order function
response_text_cleanClean Text from Server Response function
set_configSend Account Configurations function
submit_orderSubmit Order function
update_watchlistUpdate Watchlist function
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