Man pages for jagonzalb/SNSequate
Standard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for Test Equating

ACTmKBScores on two 40-items ACT mathematics test forms
bandwidthAutomatic selection of the bandwidth parameter 'h'
BNP.eqBayesian non-parametric model for test equating
BNP.eq.predictPrediction step for Bayesian non-parametric model for test...
CBdataObserved (raw) score values for two different tests
contaminate_sampleContaminate a sample on different quantile based cutpoints
eqp.eqThe equipercentile method of equating
fitmeasuresFunctions to assess model fitting.
irt.eqIRT methods for Test Equating
irt.linkIRT parameter linking methods
KB36Data on two 36-items test forms
KB36.1PLDifficulty parameter estimates for KB36 data under a 1PL...
KB36_tData on two 36-items test forms
ker.eqThe Kernel method of test equating
le.eqLocal equating methods
lin.eqThe linear method of equating
loglin.smoothPre-smoothing using log-linear models.
Math20EGScores on two 20-items mathematics tests.
Math20SGBivariate score frequencies on two 20-items mathematics...
mea.eqThe mean method of equating
pasted_table_to_dfTransform a table from String to Data Frame.
PREpPercent relative error
rowBlockSumTake a matrix and sum blocks of rows
SEEDStandard error of equating difference
sim_unimodalSimulate different unimodal distributions.
SNSequate-packageStandard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for...
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