Man pages for jakobbossek/JBmisc
Different tiny helper functions for R.

fallThroughReturns the first not null argument.
getAttributeNamesHelper function for determining the vector of attribute names...
getBootstrapSamplesCompute bootstrap samples from a given vector.
getRandomElementsSamples a random element.
grapes-is-grapesBinary operator which acts as a wrapper for 'inherits'.
hasAttributesCheck if given object has certain attributes.
is.subsetCheck subset relation on two vectors.
is.supersetCheck superset relation on two vectors.
is.vector2Checks safely if a given object is a vector....
mergeListsTakes two named lists and replaces each element of the first...
modalValueComputes modal value of given vector.
permutateSimple wrapper function for sample.
strExplodeSplit a string into substrings.
strImplodeGlue a vector of characters together.
usedFactorLevelsDetermines the factor levels of a factor type vector that are...
which.max2More conventient function to get the index of the minimal...
which.min2More conventient function to get the index of the minimal...
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