Man pages for jakobbossek/acotsp
Ant Colony Optimization for the Travelling Salesperson Problem

acotspacotsp: Ant Colony Optimization for the Travelling...
getTourExtracts the best tour found from an 'AntResult' object.
makeACOTSPControlGenerates a control object for the 'runACOTSP' function.
makeConsoleMonitorSimple monitoring function.
makeMonitorFactory method for monitor objects.
makeNullMonitorNo monitoring at all.
plotIterationGenerates a ggplot object of a single iteration.
plotResultPlots optimization progress.
print.AntsResultPrints 'AntsResult' object to standard output.
runACOTSPAnt System Optimization Algorithm for the Travelling...
runACSWrapper function for the Ant Colony System.
runASWrapper function for the classical Ant System.
runMMASWrapper function for the the MAX-MIN Ant System.
visualizePheromoneMatrixHelper function to visualize a pheromone matrix.
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