Man pages for jakobbossek/salesperson
Computation of Instance Features and R Interface to the State-of-the-Art Exact and Inexact Solvers for the Traveling Salesperson Problem

as.character.NetworkGet basic network information as a string. network to data frame.
as.matrix.NetworkConvert network to matrix.
autoplot.NetworkAutoplot function.
computeTourLengthCompute tour length given a TSP instance and a...
dynamiseAdd dynamic arrival times to nodes.
exportToFileExports a network to an proprietary format.
exportToTSPlibFormatExports a network to the TSPlib format.
filterTSPInstancesFilter TSPlib instances according to its specifications.
findShortestHamiltonianPathShortest Hamiltonian Path computation.
generateClusteredNetworkFunction for generation of clustered networks
generateGridNetworkGenerates a grid network.
generateRandomNetworkGenerates a random graph in a hypercube.
getAngleFeatureSetFeature: statistics of angles between nodes and their two...
getAvailableFeatureSetsAvailable feature (sub)sets.
getAvailableSolverNamesReturns all currently implemented solver names.
getBoundingBoxFeatureSetFeature: fraction of points near bounding boxplot.
getCentroidFeatureSetFeature: Centroid coordinates and statistics of distances to...
getClusterFeatureSetFeature: statistics of the minimum spanning tree edges.
getConvexHullFeatureSetFeature: number of points on convex hull and spanning area.
getDefaultFeatureFunArgsReturns list of parameters defaults for feature computation.
getDepotCoordinatesGet coordinates of depots.
getDistanceFeatureSetFeature: Statistics of Nearest-Neighbour distances.
getFeatureSetFeature: all features.
getModesFeatureSetFeature: modes features.
getMonitoringFeatureSetFeature: monitoring of algorithm runs.
getMSTFeatureSetFeature: statistics of the minimum spanning tree edges.
getNearestNeighbourFeatureSetFeature: Statistics of Nearest-Neighbour distances.
getNNGFeatureSetFeature: statistics of the nearest neighbour graph
getNumberOfClustersGet the number of clusters of a network.
getNumberOfDepotsReturns the number of depots of a network.
getNumberOfNodesReturns number of nodes of a network.
getOptimalPointMatchingComputes optimal point assignment for two sets of points of...
getPointDistributionStrategiesReturns the available strategies for distributing points...
getSolverPropertiesGet the properties/tags of the solver.
getTSPInstancesOverviewGet an overview of instances in a directory.
getValidEdgeWeightTypesGet TSPlib edge weight types.
getVRPFeatureSetFeature: Statistics of distances between obligatory/optional...
hasDepotsCheck if network has depots.
hasPropertiesCheck if learner has certain properties.
importFromFileImport a network from proprietary format.
importFromTSPlibFormatImport network from (extended) TSPlib format.
isEuclideanCheck if network is euclidean.
isExternalSolverCheck if solver is called via an external binary.
isNetworkCheck if object is 'Network'.
makeNetworkGenerate network based on coordinates.
makeSolverGenerator for TSP solvers.
makeTSPSolverMake TSP solver dispatcher.
measureTimeHelper for measuring time.
morphInstancesMorphing of two networks with a convex combination of the...
print.TSPSolverResultPrint TSPSolverResult to stdout.
readTSPlibTOURFileExtract tour from TSPlib tour file.
rescaleNetworkRescale network
runRun a TSP solver to solve a problem instance.
run.eaxSolver: EAX
run.lkhSolver: LKH
runSolverApply TSP solver to instance.
skewComputes skewness of a numeric vector (analogous to skewness...
solverPathsSet paths to the executables of solvers only available in...
TSPSolverResultTSP-Solver result object.
visualizeMorphingFancy visualization of morphing.
visualizePointMatchingVisualize point matching.
writeTSPlibTOURFileExport tour.
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