Man pages for jakubkovac/Lori
Personal library of useful functions

comp2_distinctCompare 2-row grouped subsets of distinct dataframe
comp_jkCompare two rows and output as tibble
f2dfsApply function to multiple dataframes
ggplot_missingFunction to plot missing map
ggraph_jkPlot undirected graphs constructed from 2D data
list_plotterPlotting list of colors
Lori-packageLori: Personal library of useful functions
lori_palDefault Lori palettes
persp_jkPlot 3d surfaces, similar to matlab surf function
pick_palette_jkPick color palette from a picture
plot_coloursPlot a vector of hex colours.
plot_svm_jkPlot the decision boundary of SVM model with 2 features
rpart2pseudo_codeMetaprogramming function to return java code from rpart...
rpart2rMetaprogramming function to return R code from rpart object
rpart2r_vecMetaprogramming function to return vectorized R code from...
sort_coloursFunction to sort colors
split_by_ncolFunction to split a dataframe into a list
svm_fillmapReplace colors in SVM fill plot
tree2colorCut a "colored" tree
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