Man pages for jalapic/behavseq
Sequential methods for the behavioral sciences

collapseCollapse a vector sequence
get_seqGet behavioral sequence from a dataframe of behavioral...
get_seq0Get timed-interval behavioral sequence from a dataframe of...
helloHello, World!
mat_transGet transition probabilities from observed frequency matrix
prob_conGet simple conditional probailities of behaviors
prob_exGet unconditional probability of a behavior
seq_clipExtract a sequence at specific points
seq_droprptDrop repeated elements from a sequence
seq_expGet expected frequencies of first order transitions
seq_exp0Get expected frequencies of first order transitions for...
seqfreqGet observed frequncy of a behavior
seq_obsGet observed frequencies of transitions
seq_rndtestRandomization test of behavioral contingencies in a sequence
seq_splitSplit a sequence into roughly equal parts
seq_substringsGet all subsequences of a given length
seq_transGet transition probabilities of transitions
subseq_inCheck if a sequence contains a given subsequence
subseq_lcsFind the longest common subsequence to two sequences
subseq_longFind length of longest subsequence common to two sequences
subseq_long0Find the longest subsequence(s) common to two sequences
subseq_totFind indices of subsequences in a given subsequence
uncollapseUncollapse a vector sequence
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