Man pages for jamesdunham/dgirt
Dynamic Estimation of Group-Level Opinion

dgirt'dgirt' and 'dgmrp': fit a DGIRT or single-issue MRP model
dgirt_fit-classClass 'dgirt_fit': a class for fitted models
dgirtfit-classClass 'dgirtfit': a class for fitted models
dgirtin-classClass 'dgirtIn': data prepared for modeling with 'dgirt'
dgmrp_fit-classClass 'dgmrp_fit': a class for fitted models
dgodgo: Dynamic Estimation of Group-level Opinion
dgo_fit-classClass 'dgo_fit': a class for fitted models
dgo_fit-methods'print' method for 'dgo_fit-class' objects
expand_rownames'expand_rownames': expand parameter descriptions in rownames
plot-method'dgirt_plot': plot 'dgo_fit'-class objects
poststratify'poststratify': reweight and aggregate estimates
shape'shape': prepare data for modeling with 'dgirt' or 'dgmrp'
toy_dgirtfitClass 'dgirtfit': a minimal example object
toy_dgirt_inClass 'dgirtIn': a minimal example object
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