Man pages for jamesdunham/qsurvey
A toolkit for working with the Qualtrics platform and its survey data in R

blocksGet block ids, descriptions, and elements
choicesGet survey response choices
designDownload a survey's design
drop_sensitiveDrop columns from survey responses
edgesRepresent survey flows as node or edge tables
export_namesGet export names for survey response fields
find_idFind survey ids by searching survey names
ids_to_namesRename response table columns
key_from_fileSet the environment variable for the API key from a file
plot_flowPlot a survey flow
qsurveyThe qsurvey package: overview
questionsGet survey questions
render_flowRender a survey design with a Shiny app
requestSend a request to the Qualtrics API
response_countsGet survey response counts
responsesDownload survey responses
surveysDownload survey metadata
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