Man pages for jameshay218/lazymcmc
MCMC for the lazy

calc_DICDIC calculation
calculate_BICBIC calculation
calculate_WAICWAIC calculation
ess_diagnosticsCheck ESS
estimate_modeCalculate mode
gelman_diagnosticsCheck gelman diagnostics
get_best_parsGet maximum likelihood parameters
lazymcmcMCMC for the lazy
load_mcmc_chainsRead in MCMC chains
mcmc_param_checkMCMC chain parameter check
median.quantileFind median
mvr_proposalMultivariate proposal function
param_table_checkModel parameter table check
protectProtect function
run_MCMCAdaptive Metropolis-within-Gibbs Random Walk Algorithm.
scaletuningScale step sizes
summarise_chainSummarise MCMC chain statistics
univ_proposalMCMC proposal function
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