Man pages for jangorecki/Rbitcoin
R & Bitcoin integration

antiddos_funAnti DDoS
api_dictAPI dictionary
available_walletAvailable wallet
blockchain.api.processProcess API
blockchain.api.queryQuery API
ct_dictCurrency type (fiat or crypti) dictionary
fromBTCFast convert to/from BTC
get_rateGet rate
market.api.processProcess market API
market.api.querySend request to market API
market.api.query.bitmarketSend request to bitmarket market API
market.api.query.bitstampSend request to bitstamp market API
market.api.query.btcchinaSend request to btcchina market API
market.api.query.btceSend request to btce market API
market.api.query.hitbtcSend request to hitbtc market API
market.api.query.krakenSend request to kraken market API
query_dictMarket API query function dictionary
RbitcoinR & Bitcoin integration
rbtc.plotPlot Rbitcoin objects
rbtc.plot.order_bookPlot order book data
rbtc.plot.tradesPlot trades data
rbtc.plot.wallet_managerPlot wallet manager results
toBTCFast convert to/from BTC
wallet_managerWallet Manager
wallet_valueWallet value
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