Man pages for jankcorn/stockPortfolio
Build stock models and analyze stock portfolios.

adjustBetaAdjust the beta parameters from a single index model
getCorrAverage correlation
getReturnsObtain stock data from Yahoo Finance
optimalPortEstimate the optimal portfolio
portCloudPlot a portfolio cloud
portPossCurvePlot the portfolio possibilities curve
portReturnEstimate return and risk of a portfolio
stock04Data for 24 stocks and 1 index, 2004-9
stock94Data for 24 stocks and 1 index, 1994-9
stock94InfoTicker and industry information
stock99Data for 24 stocks and 1 index, 1999-2004
stockModelCreate a stock model
stockPortfolio-packageBuild and manage stock models and portfolios
testPortTest a portfolio on a data set
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