Man pages for jaropis/HRAexplorer
HRA and HRV explorer

calculate_data_addressesfunction to get initial data addresses
description_stringfunction returning Poincare descriptors to be shown on the...
get_numerical_resultsexport function to get analysis results
getPpResultsfunction for getting the results of Poincare Plot analysis
get_results_matrixfunction to get results matrix
get_sepfunction to read the separator from input - it is either what...
grapes-or-or-grapesalternative for null
poincare_description_stringfunction returning Poincare descriptors to be shown on the...
read_and_filter_one_filefunction to read and filter a single file containing rr...
read_numbers_from_fieldfunction to read numbers from input windows
runs_description_stringfunction returning Poincare descriptors
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