Man pages for jaroslav-kuchar/fpmoutliers
Frequent Pattern Mining Outliers

buildAutomatic build of the anomaly detection model
describeInstanceExplain the instance/outlier by a brief textual summary
FPCOFFPCOF algorithm
FPIFPI - Frequent Pattern Isolation algorithm
FPOFFPOF - Frequent Pattern Outlier Factor algorithm
FPOFcontradictnessFrequent Pattern Outlier Factor
generatePMMLPMML conversion - PMML representation of outliers
LFPOFLFPOF algorithm
MFPOFMFPOF algorithm
parsePMMLPMML parser
plotRestrictedBarplotPlot of a restricted barplot with a highlighted selected...
visualizeInstanceVisualization of a data instance using a set of barplots
WFPIWFPI - Weighted Frequent Pattern Isolation algorithm
WFPOFWFPOF algorithm
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