Man pages for jaroyle/SCRbayes
Bayesian analysis of spatial capture-recapture models

array3d2SCR.fnutility function to convert 3-d encounter history array to...
captures2aliveMake an alive matrix from the captures matrix
expitinverse-logit transformation
lion.simulationFit IPP using secr and JAGS
makeRR.ssthis function is a support function for SCRf.fn and creates a...
make.statespaceCreate a state-space grid for use by SCRbayes functions
print.scrdatasummary method for objects of class "scrdata"
SCR.areaEffective Sampling Area for SCR analysis
SCRbayes-packageBayesian analysis of spatial capture-recapture models.
SCR.bfCompute posterior marginal model probabilities and Bayes...
SCR.bicCompute Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC)
scrDatamakes an object of class "scrdata" which can be analyzed by...
SCRdensitymakes a density plot from object of class "scrfit"
SCRf.fnconducts spatial capture recapture analysis
SCR.gofGoodness-of-fit analysis for SCR model
SCRhconducts spatial capture recapture analysis .
secr_wolverineanalysis of the wolverine data using secr
sim.dataSimulate some SCR data
telemetrySCR data set that contains a sample of individuals with...
tigerdatatiger data from Nagarahole.
wolverinewolverine data from Audrey Magoun
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