Man pages for jarrodolson/StravaR
Facilitates R Analysis of Strava Data (from API)

checkErrorsCheck HTTR Response for Errors
checkRateLimitCheck Rate Limit Status
convertCelsiusToFahrenheitConvert Celsius to Fahrenheit
convertMetersPerSecondToMphConvert Meters Per Second to Miles Per Hour
convertMetersToMilesConvert Meters to Miles
convertStravaDateConverts Strava Date-Time Object to POSIXct
createOrBindEither Create Dataframe or Bind, based on row
makeQueryMake Query Call
parseActivityStreamParse Activity Stream
parseAthleteActivityParse Athlete Activity
parseAthleteActivityListParse Athlete Activity list
parseAthleteBikeSummaryParse Athlete's Bike Summary Data
parseAthleteClubSummaryParse Athlete's Club Summary Data
parseAthleteShoeSummaryParse Athlete's Shoe Summary Data
parseAthleteStatsParse Athlete Stats
parseAthleteSummaryParse Athlete Summary Data
readTokenRead User Access Token From File
retrieveActivityStreamRetrieve Activity Stream
retrieveAllActivityStreamsIntoDfRetrieve All Activity Streams Into Data Frame
retrieveAthleteRetrieve Athlete Information from API
retrieveAthleteActivitiesRetrieve Athlete Activities
retrieveAthleteActivitySpecificRetrieve Specific Athlete Activity
retrieveAthleteStatsRetrieves Athlete Stats
StravaR-packageFacilitates R Analysis of Strava Data (from API)
updateActivitiesWithDetailUpdate Activities with Detail
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