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Best Subset Predictive Modeling

adolescentsSelf-schema and depression in adolescents
besetbeset: Best Subset Predictive Modeling
beset_elnetBeset GLM with Elasticnet Regularization
beset_glmBest Subset Selection for Generalized Linear Models
beset_rfBeset Random Forest
compareCompare Predictive Performance of Two Models
data_partition"data_partition" Constructor
dependencePartial-Dependence Effects
get_bestGet best model from a "beset" class object
glm_nbFit a Negative Binomial Generalized Linear Model
importanceRelative Variable Importance
mean.cross_validCross-Validation Mean
partitionPartition Data into Training and Test Model Frames
plot.besetPlot Methods for 'beset' Objects
predict.besetPredict Methods for 'beset' Objects
predict_metricsPrediction Metrics
prostateProstate Cancer Study
r2dR-squared as Deviance Explained
summary.besetSummary Methods for 'beset' Objects
validateCross-Validated Prediction Metrics
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