Man pages for jashu/itrak
Tools for processing eye-tracking data

artifactsTime Series Artifact Detection and Correction
clip_trialsClip Trials to Standard Length
get_bsMean bias score
get_freqCalculate Sampling Frequency
get_tlbsTrial-level Bias Score
is_outlierIdentify Outliers
itrakitrak: Tools for Processing Eye-Tracking Data
label_trialLabel Trial Number
low_pass_filterLow-Pass Filter
merge_eyesMerge Eyes
normalizeNormalize Time Series
plot_artifactsPlot Artifacts
plot_comparisonPlot Comparison of Time Series
pupil_dataSample Time Series of Pupil Area
relabel_trialRelabel trial numbers
summarize_biasSummary of attention bias metrics
tsABSummarize features from time series of A/B trials
zero_onsetZero Time Index to Event Onset
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