Man pages for jashubbard/itrackR
itrackR - eyetracking analysis

add_behdataMerge behavioral data with itrackR object
drift_correctPerform drift correction on fixations for itrackR object
eyemergeCreate data frame of merged eyetracking and behavioral data
find_messagesFind messages sent to Eyelink
itrackrCreate an itrackR object
load_edfsload edf files
load_txtload from text file from Eyelink DataViewer reports
makeROIsCreate regions of interest (ROIs) for itrackR object
plot.itrackRPlot data from itrackR object
radialCoordsGenerates a set of "numpoints" coordinates around a circle...
set_indexFind messages to use as index variables in itrackR object
undriftReverse drift correction performed on an itrackR object
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